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Analysis Tools


The BLAST online search tool is built using SequenceServer(v2.0) software (Priyam et al., 2019) (


JBrowse is a widely used interactive genome visualization browser for displaying genome data resources, including genome sequences, gene structures, protein-coding gene annotations, and expression profiles.


In the "Gene Family Search" tool, users can search by Pfam ID and set filtering parameters such as genome database, control report type, and threshold screening.


The gene structure analysis tool can not only obtain gene structure information in batch based on the user-input gene list, but also draw gene structure maps online.

Gene and protein download tool

There are several options for downloading Passionfruit genome annotation data from the Passionfruit Genome Annotation Project annotation database.


PPOP(Physicochemical Properties Of Protein) is a tool for the computation of various Physicochemical properties of protein. The computed parameters include the length, molecular weight, theoretical pI and protein GRAVY (grand average of hydropathy).


KBAT(Kaks batch arithmetic tool) is an online KAKS batch computing tool developed based on kaks calculatorsoftware.