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Kaks Batch Arithmetic Tool

KBAT is an online KAKS batch computing tool developed based on kaks calculatorsoftware.

Instructions :

The current database contains Yellow Passiflora edulis(Peu_Y),Purple Passiflora edulis(Peu_P),Arabidopsis thaliana(Ath),Nicotiana benthamiana(Nb),Oryza sativa(Os), and Populus trichocarpa(Ptr).

MAFFT,ClustalW,and muscle.

were used for the multiple sequence alignments. The submission format requires pairs of gene serial numbers, joined by an "=" sign, one line per pair of genes. The following format:


Please select method for multiple sequence aligner:
Select how you would like the output:
Please enter paired gene locus number(eg:Pe3g02735.1=Pe1g02167.1) here: